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Replacement Options

We offer two different types of sewer replacements: Conventional and Trench-less.

Conventional Replacement

This process involves excavating a trench the length of the sewer, laying in a new PVC sewer, and burring the trench.  Any landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, portions of the street, etc. are removed if in the excavation zone. Home owners are responsible for replacing any public property that is disturbed back to it's original condition.

All sewer replacements will require a bid before a set price can be given.  A sewer locate may also be required before any excavation can begin.

Trench-less Replacement

This method of replacing sewers is more modern and less damaging to the landscaping. Excavation is still required to get to the pipe, but only a small portion of the sewer is excavated. The old sewer is then used as a guide for the new sewer.

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