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Most older houses have clay sewer pipes. The connections that tie the pieces of clay pipe together do not fully seal and water from the sewer leaks out of the pipe into the ground. Tree roots sense this moisture and eventually find the sewer line. Once the tree roots find the clay pipe they grow through the connections and into the sewer. In time the roots will grow big enough to block the sewer, causing the sewer to fail. In most cases the roots can be temporarily cleared from the pipe, but the roots will always grow back and the sewer must be maintained in order to work properly. The only way to keep tree roots out of a clay sewer for good is to replace the sewer with plastic. After your sewer has been replaced then there is no more maintenance.

Brian Crozier

Sewer & Drain Repair Specialists is the name to know when you are looking for a professional sewer contractor that can provide you with a wide variety of sewer services.

Hi, I am Brian Crozier, the owner of Sewer & Drain Repair Specialists. With more than 17 years of experience in the sewer industry, I have seen just about everything. I opened this business to provide you with the most up-to-date solutions for your sewer problems. Trained by my father, I have the expertise necessary to provide you with a wide range of sewer services. Contact me for more information about any of our professional services.

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