Sewer & Drain Repair Specialists
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Cleaning Prices

Cable Machine

Simple Cleaning - We go in with a cable machine and clear any soft debris that may cause sewer failure.

Main Line — $135.00

Laundry or Sink — $135.00

Camera Inspection - We go through the sewer with our high-tech camera and clear any soft obstructions we may come across. The camera takes the guess work out of the picture.

If we happen to find any damage to the sewer we can pin point the problem and alert the home owner so the correct fix can be administered.

Sewer Camera — $200.00

Camera upgrades - self leveling head, footage counter, built in locator, color, 200' reach.

Camera Inspection

RootX RootX 4 Pounds Installed — $100

All prices and services are subject to change at any time. The prices listed above are for the first hour only. After that, an hourly charge may be applied.